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Tyres Puncture Repairs

Mobile Puncture Repair Service

Punctures should always be examined by a tyre professional immediately. Even in the case of slow punctures, which may seem like a small issue, ignoring the puncture can lead to major problems including leaks and tears causing catastrophic tyre failure, loss of vehicle control and tyre related incidents.

In some cases, punctures can be repaired, however it largely depends on the cause of the puncture, and where on the tyre the puncture has occurred. If there is a nail or screw in the tyre, it might be able to remove the debris and repair the hole. However, this should always be assessed and carried out by a tyre professional. If the puncture has caused damage to the tyre sidewall a repair may not be possible, and the tyre and other components will need to be replaced. We will advise you on the best way to get your wheel and tyre back to full working order.
Symptoms of a slow puncture.

  • Your vehicle may drift or pull to one side. (nb. could also be because of poor wheel alignment)
  • Steering wheel vibration – this is more likely to happen at higher speeds
  • Continual loss of tyre pressure – if you are having to frequently top up one of your tyres with air.
  • You may experience a shuddering or hear a noise, indicating reduced pressure in one of your tyres
  • Changes in vehicle handling. Anything from your suspension feeling different to changes in steering and cornering could indicate a slow puncture.

If you experience a puncture while driving, the advice from Highways England is not to change a tyre by the side of the road, especially in the age of Smart motorways. Instead, find a refuge, get out of the vehicle to a safe place behind the barriers and call a breakdown recovery company.

Billy's Tyres - Puncture Repair

Besides a mobile tyre replacement and vehicle recovery service Billy's Tyres also repair punctured tyres (if feasible). As a mobile service we will come to your location and examine the tyre and where possible fix the puncture - if the puncture on the tyre is safe to do so.
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