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The tyres other mobile tyre fitters shy and run away from - the tractor tyre is big, very heavy, unwieldy and difficult to fit .....However not for Billy's Tyres.
Billy's Tyres is a mobile tractor tyre and agricultural tyre fitting service to farmers operating across the north of England. We have over 20 years of fitting and repairing tractor tyres. If you have a flat tractor tyre today or you need a new fresh tractor or agricultural tyre to replace a worn tyre and you're in need of assistance. We come to the rescue to provide tyre repair and replacement in the field or the yard.
A flat tracture tyre shouldn't keep you unproductive for days. One call and the team at Billy's Tyre will dispatch a a tyre technician to your location. We pride our business on fast recovery times, because we know no one likes to be kept waiting

Repairing Tractor Tyres

The tractor tyre is only reparable if it is clearly located in the centre of the sidewall of the tractor tyre between the shoulder and the bead turn-up, in which case repairs might be possible. For effective repair work, the hot vulcanisation process should be used with a patch applied internally.

When a repair is not possible
Cut on the sidewall too close to the bead
Tear in the casing at the level of the ply turn-up just above the tyre bead

Billy's Tyres has the right equipment to carry large tractor and agricultural tyres, enabling to dismount and remount them on the rim, but also for the hot vulcanisation process necessary to do a decent job which complies with applicable regulations

Worn Tractor Tyres & Associated Agricultural Tyres Replaced.

If your tractor tyres are worn or unrepairable, consider purchasing and installing new ones through us. Billy's Tyres offer tractor tyres at a competitive price supplied and fitted at the location of your choise. When tractor tyres are worn or damaged, they won’t perform correctly. Worn tires heat up more quickly, puncture more easily, and take on roads less effectively. They may also emerge as a potential danger to their driver and other workers and could contribute to a accident - a illgel tyre becomes a danger this becomes a offence and potential hefty fine or worse.

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